Project Gallery

We design a variety of land development projects including:

  • Residential Subdivisions
    • 50% of our experience comes from designing and permitting residential subdivision developments.
  • Small site Commercial Buildings
    • 25% of our experience is in one lot developments for local businesses. We can provide engineering whether it is a new build for an existing business or an expanding territory for a franchised business.
  • Commercial developments
    • Our expertise allows us to analyze these developments and maximize the leasable space whether it is a retail strip center or an office complex.
  • Masterplans
    • Masterplanning allows a developer to break up large projects into smaller projects that can be realistically designed, permitted, financed and brought to market.
  • Contractor Management
    • We can assist with the technical oversight of a contractor to protect the interests of the owner. Typically, we will maintain a direct line of contact with the contractor to resolve small issues before they become big problems. We also observe the construction and installation of infrastructure to ensure that the owner is aware of the quality, schedule, and financial performance of the contractor.
  • Engineered Solutions
    • We can assist with designing solutions to maintenance issues that land or building owners may encounter. Typical problems include ongoing drainage problems, failing pavement, failing retaining walls, etc.